The Alzheimer’s treatment books.

by Allen J. Orehek, M.D.



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Alzheimer’s treatment starts with understanding the cause of the damage to the brain.  Once your brain starts to take damage from underlying medical conditions you will loose function.  Most of the medical conditions that will be causing the damage to your brain will yet to have been evaluated by your healthcare team – not because they are rare or hard to detect – simply because they may not be obvious on the surface.  Without a complete and accurate medical evaluation the individual with Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia, or many of the other types of dementia will be expected to progress and get worse.

As brain neurons are lost day after day – the mind will have more and more difficulty with keeping up its creative duties. This book makes it easy to understand the complex interactions that are part of the U.S. Patented method for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.  There are options for those who have had their first “senior moment”. For family members of those effected by dementia there is also a path that explains the prevention of dementia.  The concepts covered are new and few who are being evaluated for dementia are taking part of such a complete and accurate plan.

Forget Alzheimer’s.  What’s behind U.S Patent 8,708,906 “Method for the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”





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Taking preventive care of your body is not easy, it requires work; you have to arrange and coordinate a good deal of information. The information needs to be evaluated for accuracy and applied to your unique situation. The book “Prevention is Difficult” – is an introduction to what you need to be doing to care for your future health. Currently, medical recommendations allow cancers to spread rather than simply treating and curing them. We should be preventing cancer by removing a mass of cells while it is in the pre-cancerous stage.

Psychological abandonment of physicians to their patients is found very often in medical treatment as more and more employed physicians have to please their “boss” the corporation – and they no longer are able to work with science and medicine that used to be at the heart of the profession? What happened is a toxic concoction of pressures from non medical agendas.