Our Services

We customize each case based upon multiple factors – some examples are:

  • The age of first symptom or senior moment.
  • The number of years that the individual has been affected.
  • The data that is available from prior medical evaluations.
  • The amount of damage that the brain has suffered.
  • The ability for patient and family to complete an accurate evaluation.

Diagnosied with Alzheimer's?

Many patients are given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or some other dementia but are not told the reason(s) for the problems.

  • A plethora of factors leads to mind and memory issues – what ones affect you?
  • Disease is diagnosed by discovering the cause.
  • Even mild memory issues can cause severe frustration – exacerbating the issues.

Discovering the cause

Based on a U.S. Patented method each case is investigated.

  • At times cases can have similar causes – yet each person is unique.
  • Testing and medical evaluation is readily available in even rural town.
  • Test results provide a new diagnosis for treatment (that was prior undetected)
  • A phased evaluation looking for most common that progresses to rare causes.
  • Medical treatment for the cause(s) once identified, or follow-up with own team.

Teaching and Education

Using illustrations and animations to help patients understand the process:

  • Brain damage leads to problems with mind and memory.
  • Dementia is from a damaged brain.
  • Unless the reason for the damage is discovered it may continue.
  • An extensive and accurate medical evaluation is needed to discover the cause(s).